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Why it is important to be FEARLESS? Face your FEAR!!


The feeling of Fear, And how to overcome it?

Fear, what is fear? I believe the meaning of fear differs from one person to another. Every person has their own definition of fear. Fear is, in fact, a biological response or feeling that something dangerous, terrifying or painful might happen.

This feeling often comes when we are about to try something new in our daily life. Whether it is about taking a new action or developing a new habit, there’s always a sense of fear inside us, making us think “what if something goes wrong?”, “what if I won’t be able to do it?”, “what if others will ridicule or bully me?”.

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And with these questions, different kinds of fear start to develop inside of us. The fear of loss, fear of getting hurt, fear of failure, fear of disheartening people. Slowly we lose our confidence, resulting in various setbacks.

How to overcome Fear?

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” an American politician and 32nd president of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt said that during his first inauguration.

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What we need to understand from this quote is that Fear is Not Real! It is just an illusion or a hypothetical situation created by our own mind about a result of the future that we have no true knowledge about.

Do not confuse danger with fear. The danger is very real and we must take caution about the possible dangers while we are about to try something new. But fear is a feeling which we can control and overcome.

There are some tips we can use in our lives to overcome fear-

  1. Recognize your fear- To overcome and control the feeling of fear, you must recognize it first. Sit comfortably and write down all the fears that you face every day. Write down how it makes you feel and what are you missing out because of it.
  2. Put your fear in context- Ask yourself, what’s the worst situation that could arise. Think about all the mishappening, danger or accidents that could actually happen.
  3. Tackle your fear- Look at everything you have written down, the odds of any of it actually happening won’t be huge. In fact, if you feel the fear of getting into an accident then you need to know that you’re twice as likely to die riding a bike as driving a car. Try thinking about your fear logically rather than emotionally.
  4. Relax- Force yourself to relax. Start performing some stretching and exercise to release tension from your body. Try meditation as it will improve your concentration and help you focus on the brighter side.
  1. Face your fears- Take the belief in yourself that you’re valuable, capable and worthwhile. Every day, stand up courageously and face your fears and you’ll no longer be afraid of them. This will build a confident and fearless You.

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