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If you are having a frequent headache- check out these weird reasons!


  Headaches are not easy to deal with and they are the most common condition found in every third person in the world. The intense in the head can make anyone go crazy and confused, at the same time it makes the person feel low and irritated. During a headache, it is really difficult to concentrate on one thing. 

The most common cause of headaches is stress, as we all know it is part of everybody’s daily life. We can not ignore it but should know to handle it, as continuous stress can cause serious problems for your health. 

There are some conditions that can cause severe pain, here I am going to share weird reasons for having frequent headaches- 

1- High consumption of coffee-  We all think that coffee helps to keep us active and awake for long hours. Caffeine is another reason why you getting intense pain in your head, as it narrows down your blood vessels and daily intake of coffee makes you addicted to it, which is harmful to your health. When you avoid coffee then your blood vessels do not become constricted and your head pains badly. Instead of coffee, have green tea or warm water which is beneficial for your health. 

2- Imbalance of hormones-  Sometimes a drop in the level of your hormones can cause a headache. The decrease in the level of estrogen will make you suffer from severe headache, even pregnancy affects hormonal balance. If you have a continuous headache consult doctor. 

3- If you are a tech person–  Using gadgets at the bright blue light from your laptops and mobile phones not only hurt your eyes but will also cause a headache. Staring at the screen for long hours affects your eyesight and will result in a severe headache. 

4- Drink enough water- Drink sufficient amount of water for staying fit and healthy.  So if you experience a headache, check your fluid intake level. Dehydration causes acidity which ends up having intense head pain. Drink at least 7-8 glasses of water to stay healthy and active. 

5- Maintain your posture-  Wrong postures lead to indigestion, foot pain, and head pain.  

Sitting too long in one posture can hurt you, maintain your posture to comfort your body and get relax.  

As I have shared the frequent reasons for headache, do check yours and correct it. Avoid stress, depression, and anxiety as they all degrade your life. Eat, drink and do physical activity to make your body active, strong and healthy. 


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