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How chanting can change your Life? Heal your sufferings!

Heal your sufferings!


I have an immense belief in chanting, and it has huge power to make life better and it shows different dimensions of the beautiful life. It means repeatedly saying mantras for several times in a peaceful place, which provides mental peace. You can chant your mantra for some sort of numbers like 108, 256, or whatever fits you well. It doesn’t matter which religion you belong, chanting is the only peaceful tool which one should apply from an early age, to focus well in career and other works. It plays a transformational role, the majority of the population is still unaware of this power and its benefits. 

Chanting is not something that you utter continuously for long hours, it is considered to be a subjective science and hence if practiced well can change your way of living. Chanting filters out all negative energy from your body, bless with positive thoughts and a healthy mindset. 

Whatever you manifest to achieve, chanting can help you as it subconsciously rewires your mind to think about that thing. 

Which mantras should be used during chanting?

Followers of ISKCON continuously say- Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna, Krishna, Hare, Hare- Hare Ram, Hare Ram, Ram, Ram, Hare, Hare! These 16 words can change your life, no matter which religion you are. One must practice chanting daily to enlighten his/her mind.  There are many simple mantras like the Gayatri mantra, Om Namah Shivay, including Buddhist mantras. Whichever mantra you chose to chant, just do it with inner power and connect with supreme. 

Chanting mantras works in such a way that the vibrations created by the repeated sound stimulate and alter your brain. It can create a psychological response that is very deep and can only be experienced over a period of time. It works at the level of consciousness and alters your subconscious mind as mantra work like a healer to your sufferings. It is the best way to explore your inner selves and transform your lives with positive energy. 

What do you require for chanting?

Chanting requires a stable mind and relaxed body, other than that- Tulsi Mala, Bead bag and clean mat. 

3 helpful tips to chant and change the core of your life- 

Chanting consequently enables you to achieve all your goals and makes you the winner of your life. 

  • Relax- Firstly sit down and relax your mind and let go of all worries, anxieties or negative energy. Relax your physical body, by choosing a comfortable place and pose. This is when eventually all three Mind, Body and Soul will feel completely ready for you to start chanting. 


  • Your Voice-  Hence as you are chanting, keep listening to your own voice as it will help you to connect with your higher self and prevent any unnecessary thoughts coming to your mind. Go ahead, let’s hear you chant your heart out!
  • Finally, start chanting- Once your mind, body, and soul concentrate on one thing, it becomes very easy for you to achieve that goal. Optimize yourself and pour out the energy in order to take good thoughts and higher frequency within yourself. In this manner, chanting is done clearly, confidently and comfortably. 

Chanting has the power to tackle stress, anxiety and shows you the right path in your life. It must be noted that when we are talking about chanting, it is not necessarily about chanting any mantras but even simple chanting of affirmations or gratitude sentences can work like a wonder to eliminate stress & frustration from your lives. 

Have you ever thought, why the majority of people suffer from stress, depression, and anxiety? The reply is very simple because they are unknown from this beautiful dimension of life.   

                    Keep chanting- Keep smiling!



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