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Do you know these 3 stories that will inspire you to live better


I would like to share 3 stories that will truly enlighten your mind, and touch your hearts and inspire you to reflect your own life as well.

Story 1- After 72 hours of shift at the fire station, a firefighter went up to a grocery store to buy some stuff for his home, when a woman came up running to him and gave him a tight hug. Seeing the man uncomfortable she realized that he didn’t recognize her. She let go of him and with genuine tears of gratitude in her eyes and the most joyous smile on her face said: “ Sir it was you who carried me out of the World Trade Centre on Sept 11, 2001”

Ladies and gentlemen, you may never know how what you are doing is touching someone’s life somewhere and is thus helping you live a life of purpose.

Keep doing what you are doing with dedication and commitment and maybe, completely unknown to you someone out there is being benefitted by you. 

Keep doing what you are doing! You may be touching someone’s life out there!

Story-2  A 27-year-old lady who was a breast cancer patient was laughing hysterically at the antics of her sweet 2-year-old daughter. A man who knew her was watching the scene suddenly realized and thought to himself. ‘There will always be reasons to complain.’ I need to stop complaining about the wrong that is happening in my life and start celebrating the precious moment of joy again. 

Guys being consumed by Pain is automatic, Happiness is a conscious choice. Let us Choose Smile and Celebrate Life. 

Story-3 A man with his three sons and two daughters stood around his wife’s hospital bed, as she uttered her last coherent words before she died, this is what she said: “I feel so loved right now, we would have gotten together like this more often.” 

You know what one of my dear friends once said in one of his conversations. 

Professional Achievements are Temporary; Personal Loss is Permanent. 

Once loved one is gone they never come back again, Press Pause and Spend time with the ones you love. 

Life is a really beautiful gift, and we must express gratitude for each thing we receive. We must spread smile, love, and joy among all dear ones & loved ones. Enjoy the moment, don’t worry about the past, just fall in the moment and live it. Life is very uncertain so let’s make it more beautiful, fill it with smile, kisses, and hugs. 

In the above stories, you might have learned different aspects of life that every individual need to know, live to the fullest. Make your life more colorful by enjoying with your dear ones. 




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