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Spread some Holiday Cheer with these short Christmas Greetings!


Christmas is a time to refresh your connections with family and friends. Luckily it doesn’t take much to spread love and happiness, cheer to the holidays. Let someone know you are thinking about them, make their Christmas weekend special. A few words with love can make someone feel wonderful, whether delivered in social media posts, text message and rest over a greeting card. These all are amazing ways to cherish Christmas weekend and enjoy with your loved ones. 

Here I am sharing short and sweet sayings that capture the spirits of the holidays.

May your holidays be filled in joy!

Wishing you all the joy and fun of a child on Christmas morning.

May you remember this December forever!

It is a great time to fall in love with this eve all over again! We Love You!

Have the Merriest Christmas Ever!

This Christmas may your heart be light, You enjoy to the fullest.

Merry Christmas- Merry life!

List of some Christmas messages-

WO-WO-WOW! Have a Jolly Christmas this year!

I hope this holiday season ends you over the rainbow!

All I want for Christmas is more friends like you!

Sending warm wishes my darling! On a cold December night.

Make your every day seem like Christmas.

List of some funny Christmas messages- 

Enjoy this season of love, with your crazy friends. Don’t forget to have some cookies!

This Christmas don’t think about your weight- Eat as much as you can! Love from DODO!

You may be at peace until you see the credit card statement! Ha-Ha…

Knock the door and have some real fun this Christmas!

Christmas comes once a year, your debts will last longer. Enjoy the day and live in the chocolates and cookies.

Some Religious short Christmas messages!

Remember the ultimate gift is mankind- so share this Christmas!

Thank Universe for giving us Christmas and wonderful friends to enjoy together.

This Christmas feel blessed with your friends and family members- give a wonderful start to New Year!

Enjoy the true gifts of Christmas- Friends, Family members, and Dear ones.

Jesus is the only reason to get a big smile this season!

Enjoy this Christmas day with your loved ones and create some unforgettable memories. On this big day share happiness, love and exchange gifts with each other. Happy Santa will add more reasons in your life to smile and be cheerful. 

Forget all your stress, anxiety, depression! As it is Christmas so let’s make it very special together. Be grateful for what you have as you are going to receive much more this season.

                        Let’s Cheer- Enjoy the Christmas Eve!

Christmas wishes! Love ! Happiness!
Christmas greetings and wishes!



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