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Are you planning- Check out Leh Ladakh Travel Guide


One of the most visited places and famous tourist destination is Leh Ladakh, the place looks like heaven in winters and those snow-cladded mountains and sparkling white background is breathtaking.

Leh Ladakh is in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, the region shares its boundary with Tibet and has a huge impact on Tibetan culture. The best time to visit in summers is from April to June, the climatic conditions are pleasant and in winter the temperature falls to -23 degree celsius. January and February are the coldest months in Leh.

Permit and passport

For visiting Leh, the tourist does not require any Permit. However, registration is necessary for all the people from outside India or any international tourists and also for the ones traveling by road. Registration can be done at Drass, Rumtse, and Sarchu. All those traveling by air should get their registration done at the airport. Travelers need to obtain protect area permit to visit restricted areas like Tso Moriri, Tso Kar, Pangong Tso

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Lake, Dhahanu and Nubrey valley. These permits can be obtained by the travel agency by which you are booking. It is advisable to carry a number of copies of permits, to summit at checking point.

Altitude Sickness

Altitude Sickness is the major problem that you will face while trekking or any high altitude place. Leh Ladakh is one such place where you might feel mountain sickness, motion sickness. It is caused due to lack of oxygen at high altitude. The symptoms of acute mountain sickness are dizziness, headache, fatigue, nausea, loss of breath and rapid heartbeat. You must take several precautions to deal with it. As per the rule, it is said that rest for a day after every climb of 2,000ft or above 8000ft., it will give your body time for acclimatization. There are a few medicines that will prove helpful. These are Diamox,  Dexamethasone, Aspirin, or Dispirin. One should also carry portable oxygen cylinders, which is a great way to get relief temporary. It is advisable not to consume any toxic substances like Alcohol. Try to keep yourself hydrated.


The altitude of Ladakh is 9000ft at Kargil to 25,170ft at Sasar Kangri, at the Karakoram Range. Leh Ladakh is the land of beauty with adventures. Summers here are pleasant and comfortable and winters are freezingly cold, during winters the temperature falls -30 degrees Celsius in Leh and Kargil. From the month of December to February, the temperature drops to subzero.

Medicines to carry

It is very important to carry all the necessary medicines and be prepared for any situation that might come to your way. Basic medicines for fever, stomachache, headache, and others. Mountains sickness and altitude sickness is common here. It would be better to carry a first aid box with all the necessary medicine to deal with any situation.

Hospitals and clinics

The main hospital in Leh is SNM hospital, it is well equipped to treat any kind of emergency. You can find other hospitals as well. It is always better to have information about the place you are visiting also there are medical dispensaries in some villages with qualified doctors. Private clinics are also available.

Phone and internet services

People with postpaid sim will not find any difficulty and others can go for postpaid BSNL mobile connection, this is the only mobile connection that will work in Ladakh. In Leh, you can enjoy the full connectivity. As you will descend on the other side of Rohtang pass your networks will disappear. It is advisable to keep an emergency number and if you are traveling with family, everyone should know the number of one person in the family.

 Bank and ATM facilities

In Ladakh, it is advisable to keep cash in hand and have some extra money in case of an emergency. The last ATM which you will find on the way Manali-Leh. You might not find any ATM till Leh. In Leh market, you will encounter ATM of different banks including SBI, J&K, and PNB. In areas like Tso Morori, Nubra, Pangong, you have to pay in cash.

Stays and Food

The majority of hotels are run by local people of the place and offer personalized service. If you want to go to luxury hotels, you can go to the Hotel Charu palace Leh and Grand Dragon. Other hotels with all comforts and luxuries are Hotel Shangrila and Spik n Span. Standard hotels are Asia and Dreamland.

Homestays are also a great option to know more about the culture of the place also they are pocket-friendly.

Plan your trip, let us know your experience!

Keep traveling- Keep Enjoying!






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