Best Movies of 2019- Don’t miss to watch this year!
Best Movies of 2019- Don’t miss to watch this year!

The year 2019 delivered the best and biggest movies ever made, we got emotional about Booksmart and Marriage story, but 2019 also saw a little film called Avengers- which was super hit at the box office and nab the title of the highest-grossing movie of all time. 

Below you will find some passionate takes on movies which I recommend you watch before the end of this year. 

1- Frozen 2-  This film has seriously talented cast with the voices of Kristen Bell as Anna, Idina Menzel as Elsa, Evan Rachel Wood as Queen Iduna. Frozen 2 has a beautiful collection of songs like- Something never changes, Show yourself and last lost in the woods. 

This movie is so strong and amazing that it made the first Frozen feel like a prequel that existed to set up the second movie. 

2- Parasite-  This film will move you to the next level. It is a story that will stay with you for days and days, it is voted that Parasite will be honored with Oscar for Best Foreign Film languages. It gives you a look at how underprivileged people can shape and transform their living. Parasite portrays an unconventional family you want to spend more time with them. 

3- Captain Marvel- This movie is one of the favorites of 2019, just because it gets girls and women right showing you can be strong and emotional and still kick-off. Captain Marvel is courageous, fearless, self-sufficient fighting for what is right, that is the stuff fro what superheroes are made of. Awesome movie to watch as the woman is the center of attraction in the entire film. 

4- The Lighthouse-  This film is full of comedy, slow and descent into madness. It is a film that remains in the corner of your mind as you find yourself wondering how the hell they shot certain parts of the film. You will enjoy this amazing film, remember it for a few days. 

5- Knives out-  This film subsequently leaves you wondering for remaining of the film just how all the pieces fit together and possibly remain a complete picture. It flips out the whodunnit tropes of whimsical murder mysteries by giving you more details upfront than you might expect. 

6- Booksmart- It is a definitive coming age movie, hilarious, real and charming one. The casts are absolute powerhouses and you can just feel their love and friendship through the film and make you feel warm. Every moment and situation relates to some special feelings. 

Here I have shared my favorites of 2019, which I suggest you watch and enjoy the last days of this year. Bells are ringing sweetly- New Year is approaching!! 

Let’s welcome this year with a relaxed mood so watch these movies and enjoy your weekends. Celebrate Christmas and New Year to the fullest!

Keep smiling – Keep Loving each other!



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