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Are you Coping with COVID-19? Know How-


As we all know, the people around the globe are under lockdown due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus (COVID-19). But, amidst all the panic, here’s how people are spreading love, hope, and positivity during the quarantine.

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Clapping to Show Gratitude

People from India, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Italy and other places around the world have been thanking and showing gratitude by clapping from their balconies for the medical workers who are working hard and risking their lives during this pandemic.

Cheering Up Each Other Through Music

Music is something that can touch your heart and lift up your mood and spirit almost instantly, helping you stay positive during hard times. People in quarantine have taken up to their balconies to cheer each other up by playing music and singing together. Some Germans sang Bella Ciao, an Italian protest folk song, from their rooftops in solidarity with Italy.

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Playing Niche Sports and Doing Aerobics

Have you ever seen people playing table tennis from their balconies? Well, now they are, as people were seen playing table tennis from their balconies to bear boredom. Also, a sports instructor in Spain came on his terrace to offer a free aerobics class to his neighbors standing on their balconies.

Sending Their Pet Dog to Buy CheetosIsn’t it amazing and funny??

What happens when you’re in quarantine and your favorite snack runs out of stock? Well, this Mexican man came up with an inventive idea, he sent his dog to the department store across the street with a note that said, “Hello Mr. Shopkeeper, please sell my dog some Cheetos, the orange kind not the red ones, they’re too hot.

Covid-19 outbreak
Dog’s love for his owner!

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She has $20 attached to her collar. Warning: She will bite if not treated right. – your front neighbor.” See how inventive one gets when times are hard and you don’t have your favorite snack!

Helping Those in Need

Many people are coming forward and helping the poor and homeless people by providing them food, clean drinking water, shelter and basic necessities like masks and hand sanitizers to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

It’s amazing to see how people are coming together in such hard times, showing solidarity and support for each other. We are in this together, and we can overcome this together.

Stay Safe! Stand Together!


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